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Horse in Stable

Farm Animal Sitting

       Going on vacation? Boarding large animals can be a hassle, and you probably still need someone to take care of the house, the cats, the dog and the chickens while you are away. Or do you just need some help around the barn, because life can be crazy? We have you and your animals covered. Let us take care of your animal companions, so you can be worry and stress free!

       With our in farm animal sitting service, we come to your home for a select length of time to care for your animals. Your animals get to keep their routine and stay in their own space, which is much less stressful than boarding for many animals. Plus, they aren't exposed to any diseases like they could be at a boarding facility, as our sitters sanitize thoroughly between visits! We take pride in keeping your pets happy and healthy while you are away!

Each Visit Includes

  • Lots of TLC for your animals

  • Fresh food and water

  • Medications (oral, injection, topical)

  • Brushing, combing

  • Play time for house pets

  • Dog walks as needed

  • Clean pet dishes

  • Scoop litter boxes as needed

  • Clean stalls as needed

  • Full house, paddock, and barn security check

  • Clean-up any pet messes in house

  • Water plants and clean pool skimmers

  • Take out the trash and recycling

  • Get the mail and bring in packages

  • Reverse lights and blinds

  • Digital report card

  • Anything else you could need!


Pricing is subject to estimated time based on services required.


  • Farm visit: $45

  • Add in a bath:  $45

  • Add in hoof pick: $15

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