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Training and Behavior

Hoof, Paw, and Claw is here for your pet's training needs! Whether it is basic dog training to keep dog walks from looking like Iditarod training or cat behavior training to keep those couches snag free, we have you covered.

Dog Training

Dog- Basic Obedience

Basic good dog skills from sit, stay, recall, lay down to more advanced skills like crate training, loose leash walking and more! We come to your home and tailor the training to you and your dog.

$75 per 1 hr private session.

Cat on Counter

Cat- Behavioral Consultation

Is kitty clawing the couch, peeing outside the litter box, or hiding in a corner al day? We offer long term solutions that key in on fixing underlying problems so you and your feline friend can be happy together.

$75 per 1 hr consultation

Proof of vet visit check for underlying health issues required.

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